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Author : Anne Dakan
Update time : 2022-10-19 16:52:03
  The right 6oz paper cup with lid not only allow your customers to enjoy your beverages wherever they go, they can also serve as an efficient, inexpensive marketing asset for your cafe or other food and beverage business. A variety of factors, from the color of your takeout cups to your branding, can influence your takeout cups to not only help customers enjoy your hot or cold beverage, but also to market your business in the process.

  Do you want to use this affordable and effective form of marketing to increase your sales and strengthen your brand? Below, we have listed a few strategies to help you get stronger results from your custom 6oz paper cup with lid and boost the growth of your coffee business.

6oz paper cup with lid  Make your brand more visible
  First and foremost, it is important to make sure that your 6oz paper cup with lid branding is big, bold, and easy for people to see from a distance. People will notice your takeout custom printed coffee cups in many situations, from walking past a customer to spotting an empty cup on a table, countertop or other surface. Therefore, your branding needs to be large and eye-catching, and easily readable from at least five feet away. By focusing on visibility and readability, you will make it easier for people to notice your custom branded disposable coffee cups while making the text (preferably your brand name, logo, and product name) as readable as possible.

  Pick a color that represents your business
  Every great food and beverage business has a unique color scheme, whether it's the reds and yellows of McDonald's or the dark greens of Starbucks. Spot these colors on the storefront and you'll be able to guess exactly what you're looking at, even from 100 yards away. While your cafe may not have the brand recognition or scale of a Starbucks or McDonald's, there is nothing stopping you from using the same strategies to promote your brand and grow your business.

  When you order 6oz paper cup with lid for your cafe, restaurant or other food service business, choose a color scheme that matches your location. This way, passersby will not only notice your coffee cups, they will also associate them with your physical location, the cafe and the distributor.

  Branded Cup Sleeve
  Can't afford to invest in branded coffee cups? While branded disposable coffee cups are not expensive, minimum order sizes can make them out of reach for small cafes and other start-up food and beverage businesses. If you want to get some of the benefits of a branded coffee cup at a lower cost, it is worth considering using a branded coffee cup sleeve. These cup sleeves fit over your coffee cups, providing a layer of insulation for customers while displaying some sort of logo or message. Like coffee mugs, coffee cup sleeves can be customized to suit your needs, making it easy to add a logo, tagline, brand name, address and other important promotional information to help people find and locate your business.

  Keep it simple and easy to understand
  Just like billboards, posters and other forms of visual advertising, the best custom coffee cups are simple and easy to understand. 6oz paper cup with lid is not a great place to display your entire menu or highlight the origin of your coffee beans. Instead, it's the perfect platform to let people know who you are, what you sell, and where you are.

  It's always best to keep it simple. Instead of putting your entire pitch, value proposition and story on your disposable coffee cup, choose a simple message that will draw people in and encourage them to come into your cafe.

  Be unique and distinctive
  It is important to remember that you are likely not the only cafe in your area using custom branded 6oz paper cup with lid to market your product. Your competitors are likely doing the same thing, so it's important that you stand out with a unique look. Instead of choosing a generic design, take note of your competitors' disposable cup designs and try to stand out from the crowd. From a certain color to a unique pattern, it often only takes one small, distinctive element to create a unique impression.

  In the world of marketing, few people want to be average. Aim to create disposable cups that show your business and brand at its best while providing a unique look that makes your cafe, restaurant, eatery or other food service business stand out from the competition.

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  Are you looking for high quality, customizable 6oz paper cup with lid for your coffee shop? From disposable 6oz paper cup with lid to tableware and more, we offer a full range of high quality supplies for cafes, restaurants and other food businesses. Check out our range of supplies for your coffee business online or contact our team to learn more about how we can help grow your food and beverage business.
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