History and development of the beautiful paper bag

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Update time : 2022-12-29 16:07:07
  Paper bags are one of the things modern people take for granted. We can see them everywhere because they are everywhere in our daily life. They are everywhere from paper bags for school lunches to bags at local stores. Before these beautiful paper bags, people used to carry their goods in bags made of thick cloth. You can also use backpacks and glass jars. Paper bags replaced these old methods for two reasons: they were cheaper and more convenient.

  Who invented the beautiful paper bag
  The earliest evidence for a paper bag comes from a patent filed in 1852. The patent was filed by Francis Wolle, a Pennsylvania teacher and inventor. He invented a machine that could mass-produce paper bags and was the first to do so. While we can't say for sure that Wolle invented the paper bag, he seems the most likely inventor. Waller used his machine to start the Union Paper Bag Company, and his new invention was a great success.

paper bag  About nine years later, another inventor named Margaret E. Knight made and patented an important improvement in the field. The original paper bags were essentially just large envelopes, so they were easy to mass produce. Knight managed to overcome this limitation and created a machine that could mass-produce flat-bottomed paper bags. This makes paper bags more convenient.

  The only remaining advance is the development of pleated (foldable) sides and square bottom pockets. These two innovations came from an inventor named Charles Stilwell. Wolle and Knight's bags are tapered, which makes them difficult to transport in large quantities. What's more, these bags are troublesome to store in large quantities. The pleated sides allow the paper bags to fold up and store in a compact stack. With this final advance, the modern paper bag was born.

  Types of paper bags
  Angled paper bags: These are paper bags with extra paper reinforcement at the bottom or sides. You can usually tell these bags apart immediately because they are so thick. In addition, you may see the corner braces with the seams of the bag itself.

  Paper bags with handles: Many paper bags have handles made of twine or string. There's nothing complicated about these packages. All they needed was a piece of string, paper on top of it, and glue the whole thing into place. Most of the best paper bags have these, but it's always safer to carry a paper bag from the bottom.

  Bottom bags: These are bags that stand on their own when filled. These types of bags are commonly used for products purchased in bulk, such as animal feed or building materials. In addition to their ability to stand, these bags tend to be very thick and tough. In many cases, the bags had to hold 50 pounds or more, so they were usually made of layers of thick kraft paper. They are also usually treated with materials that prevent grease and moisture.

  Bread bags: These are small paper bags used to hold bread, cookies, and other baked goods. They are much like any other type of paper bag, except that they are lined with wax paper to keep them fresh.

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  The above is an introduction to the development and types of paper bags, hoping to help you have a deeper understanding of paper bags. As an indispensable part of people's life, beautiful paper bags not only need to have practical use, but also need to achieve environmental protection and health. Because only in this way, we can enjoy the convenience of paper bags, and achieve the effect of environmental protection. If you want to learn more about paper bags, you can follow the Hyde website.
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