What you need to know about wholesale cornstarch cutlery

Author : Anne Dakan
Update time : 2021-10-25 17:44:06
  If you are about to invest in wholesale cornstarch cutlery, then you need to understand the relevant knowledge. Cornstarch disposable tableware is a kind of biodegradable tableware made of corn starch as raw material and processed by high-tech production technology. After heating, it is degradable, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used safely. It is a pollution-free green product.
  These plant-based tableware, disposable or reusable, used for hot or cold dishes, are environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic tableware.
  wholesale cornstarch cutlery
  Several characteristics of cornstarch cutlery
  Degradable: Biodegradable and durable. The corn starch disposable cutlery has natural degradation properties in nature (light and soil).
  Good intensity: can meet the needs of consumers.
  Color: customized, available on request.
  Application: birthday, party, barbecue, kitchen, camping supplies.
  No peculiar smell: Our products, such as corn starch forks, all use corn starch as the raw material, and the products have a slight scent of vegetation.
  Heat resistance: It can withstand high temperatures of 120°C, and low temperatures of -20°C. It can be used safely in microwave ovens and refrigerators.
  Grease resistance: can tolerate a large amount of oil in food.
  Our environmentally friendly tableware is environmentally friendly, sturdy and user-friendly.
  The identification method of corn starch cutlery
  Appearance: Corn starch tableware is a matt product, generally light yellow or milky white; the conventional color of non-starch tableware is dark black or blue-white; the conventional color of non-starch tableware is dark or blue-white;
  Smell: distinguish by smell. After similar products rub against each other and generate heat, the starch product has a faint corn paste flavor or plant flavor. Other products have a plastic smell;
  Combustion: Combustion discrimination. The two products are burned separately. Starch type is red flame, blue flame is other types. The black powder after hand crushing comes from starch products, while the lighter powder comes from other products.
  Process principle of corn starch cutlery
  The processing principle of corn starch disposable tableware is as follows: Corn starch is a natural polymer. The molecule contains a large number of hydroxyl groups. Therefore, the interaction force of corn starch macromolecules is very strong, making it difficult for the original corn starch to obtain the fusion process, and the compatibility with other polymers is poor during the blending process.
  After the corn starch is dehydrated at high temperature, it is pressed into slices of the same width and thickness by a tablet press. Finally, the corn starch is cut into a quantitative shape through a mold to make environmentally friendly disposable tableware such as corn starch forks, corn starch spoons, and corn starch boxes.
  Hyde Company, a professional supplier of degradable products, produces cornstarch tableware including cornstarch forks, cornstarch spoons and cornstarch lunch boxes. We have cooperated with customers in more than 150 countries around the world. If you are considering wholesale cornstarch cutlery, we hope we can become your first choice.

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