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Author : Robin Alwine
Update time : 2022-11-18 15:45:15
  No matter what color your coffee shop's beverage cups are, these elegant and eco-friendly cpla lids will match perfectly. These plastic coffee cup lids are a great addition to your food service supplies because they not only match the color of your cups, but also add visual appeal to your cups, especially if you have a black and white coffee shop themed concept. They correspond to most cup sizes and are great for business inventory and profits.

  These cpla lids are made from an environmentally friendly plastic called CPLA, which stands for crystalline polylactic acid. It is a bioplastic made from plant material. We primarily use fermented sugar from corn starch to make these coffee lids, which are also available for some plants such as sugar cane. cpla also has a traditional plastic look and feel and can withstand hot drinks. However, the best feature of this material is that it can be biodegraded and composted through proper sorting and composting processes.

cpla lids  Available in black and white, we express elegance and will always be in fashion, just as black and white dresses never go out of style in the fashion world. The polished look of these lids enhances the overall presentation of restaurant and coffee shop drinks. In addition to being stylish, these lids are also practical. They provide spill resistance for your cup, especially for convenient take-out options when on the go. The lids also allow customers to enjoy their drinks as they prevent heat from dissipating; therefore, keeping the coffee or tea at a warm temperature during delivery.

  Polystyrene is the typical substance used in most food packaging, including cpla lids. However, this material has a significant negative impact on the environment due to its inability to decompose, which provides an opportunity for bioplastics with the same properties but more environmentally friendly, as they are biodegradable.The corn plant is one of the sustainable and abundant sources that are cheap, easy to produce and renewable. This has led the supply chain to use the starch in it as a raw material to innovate and manufacture bioplastics.

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  The food service industry is one of the leading causes of waste pollution; therefore, turning to environmentally friendly alternatives for even the minuscule coffee cup lid can play a role in helping to reduce waste in landfills. Hyde Packaging has always cared about the environment, and wants to extend that virtue to food business owners.Start being responsible to nature by prioritizing green products in your supply purchases, starting with your cup lids. Our cpla lids are available in different sizes and can be custom manufactured to suit your needs. In addition to cpla lids, we also offer a variety of sizes and types of coffee cups.

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