French fries cup: Perfect Way To Serve French Fries

Author : Mark Scarbrough
Update time : 2022-10-09 14:03:28
  Whether served with a burger, fried chicken or on their own, fries are a classic side dish in almost every restaurant. But when it comes to presentation, fries could use a little love. If you're still cooking with a pile of fries, it might be time to change things up a bit.Buckets, baskets, bags and french fries cup don't just make fries more appealing-they save space on your plate, too. Here's how to serve fries in a fun and unique way.

  1. Mini Buckets
  Mini buckets are a fun and creative way to serve French fries. Not only are they easy to carry, but they also keep the fries separate from the rest of the food. Wrapping the fries upright in attractive paper makes a radical change to this famous fried food. The bucket also saves space on the plate. If you're creative enough, you can get rid of the plate altogether. We've seen burgers sitting on mini cutting boards next to a bucket of fries. With a variety of options, you're sure to find something to match your restaurant's style. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes.

French fries cup  2. Fries Basket
  Take your fries from the basket to the table. Mini fry baskets are a favorite among restaurant patrons because they are portable and add interest to the plate. Just like the mini bucket, the fries basket helps fries stay crisp by separating them from the rest of the food. Vertical placement makes the fries more appetizing and easier to snack on. Fries baskets are just a fun and cute way to provide this side dish, especially when paired with slider burgers and other finger foods. They're also versatile. You can use them to serve other fried foods like popcorn shrimp, onion rings or even fried chicken.

  3. French fries cup
  Dress up your restaurant's takeout orders with specially designed french fries cup and bags. From cones to classic fry cups and even closable containers, there are many creative, disposable fries serving options. Whether you prefer the classic brown paper, red checkered pattern or unique newsprint design, you're sure to find the right french fries cup for your restaurant. Fries bags made from eco-friendly materials also help reduce your environmental impact and keep customers happy about dining at your establishment.

  4. French Fries Baskets
  Cone and wire serving baskets are classic serving options that never go out of style and are very versatile. You can find single-serving cones with condiment holders for easy dipping. You can also find tiered options that allow you to serve multiple side dishes or fries portions at once. Fries can be served in cups, cones or on paper for a more attractive presentation.

  5. Water glasses and shot glasses
  Repurpose these classic restaurant staples and make them part of your fries display. Simple glasses and mugs make great serving containers. Just wrap your fries in fun paper to liven up your presentation. This serving style may work well for restaurants on a tight budget because you can simply repurpose the glassware and glasses you already have.

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  If you're ready to change up your fried food serving routine, whether you choose to serve your fries in buckets, bags,french fries cup or baskets, customers will love the presentation. Not sure where to purchase your french fries cup? Get in touch with us.
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