Mini paper cups for beverages testing

Author : Jeff Manion
Update time : 2021-08-02 17:06:22
  When you go shopping, do you often see a lot of people gathered around a small table in the street with a very lively atmosphere? A closer perceives many mini paper cups all over the table. This phenomenon should be relatively common, a lot of people are dominated by the herd mentality, and will follow to see what is happening. So what's going on there? It's a beverages testing event.
  mini paper cups
  Beverages testing in mini paper cups
  For beverage brands, offering free tastings is the first step in winning over consumers. It is necessary to carry items in order to provide free samples, namely mini paper cups. In the process of?conducting the drinking test, the ultimate purpose of these means is to promote the products to more consumers by setting up high and great stacking tasting points to show the brand image to consumers, carefully choosing the tasting locations, providing close services, and using mini paper cups with brand logos. For brand enterprises, every drinking test activity not only is a direct publicity for consumers, but also a product reputation accumulation. After the experience, the consumers will be more interested in the product so as to they will become potential customers, because they have experienced the products of this brand before and received high reviews. Generally speaking, beverages testing is a means of promotion, which is carried out in fixed places, such as supermarkets, communities, streets, etc., by means of free tasting and drink donation, so as to guide customers to buy or promote.
  The benefits of testing in mini paper cups
  Using brightly colored or specially designed disposable paper cups to let customers taste the drinks can not only reduce the product cost, but also attract more customers' attention. Good quality mini cups can make customers have a good impression on the company and the products. Gain favor with customers from details.
  The small cups are just big enough to be drunk at once, allowing customers to taste the drink without wasting it. In the past, there have been greedy customers who filled a large glass over and over again, and ended up with so many drinks left in the quilt, completely forgetting that this was just a drink test. Finally,the rest of the drink must be thrown away.
  Generally, beverages testing sites are arranged in places with large flow of people and garbage cans must be placed next to them, so as to facilitate the recycling of disposable garbage and avoid customers throwing it around to improve the corporate image. In the meantime, mini paper brings out another advantage--paper products is more environmentally friendly. It also appeals to environmentally conscious customers,After all, the paper cups are apparently more environmentally friendly than those plastic ones.
  In addition, as a disposable product, each mini paper cup is an individual and can be discarded after use. It means that it does not take extra time to wash, and it also ensures cleanliness.I think, if you came across a drinking test when you were in a supermarket and  saw that glass or ceramic cups were being used, would you want to try it? We'd probably all think about whether it's been used before and just turn around and walk away. So mini paper cups are perfect for the drinking test.
  Finally, if your company happens to be preparing a drinking test, why not contact Hyde, which has all the sizes and many different designs of mini paper cups.

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