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Author : Fiona
Update time : 2023-11-30 15:00:41
The development of the modern pizza box can be attributed to Tom Monaghan, the founder of a global pizza chain, who developed the corrugated cardboard box in the 1960s as a way of storing hot pizzas for delivery in order to achieve an efficient and high quality pizza delivery service. The popularity of the pizza boxes for sale has since spread to the public, and everyone is clamoring to use it for efficient delivery.


Three Main Advantages

The main purpose of a pizza box is for packaging and protecting the pizza. Pizza generates steam during the baking process, and without a proper container to store it in, the steam can cause the sauce and toppings on the pizza to become soggy and lose their beauty. Secondly, a pizza box can also help keep the pizza warm. Many pizzerias choose to make pizza boxes out of materials with insulating properties, which effectively block heat loss and keep pizzas warmer for longer. A cooler pizza crust is not as flaky and crispy, and the cheese is not as soft and smooth, oozing grease and curdling throughout. Finally pizza boxes provide a convenient eating experience. Inside the box will be a piece of cardboard that will prevent the bottom of the pizza from getting soft and provide better support.


Customization and Promotion

Pizza boxes also play a role in branding. Generally speaking, the image on a pizza box is both iconic, and many pizzerias will print their logo, contact information, or coupons on the box, which increases brand exposure and makes it easy for customers to refer to the box the next time they make another purchase. The size we know and use today: 16 inches x 18 inches, about two inches thick, made of B-fluted corrugated cardboard. Hyde also have many other size: 7 inches x 7 inches, 9 inches x 9 inches, 10 inches x 10 inches, 12 inches x 12 inches, 14 inches x 14 inches, and so on, different size meet all kinds of your need.

If there is a certain kind of pizza boxes in your heart, you can feel free to contact us to custom and wholesale, Hyde group has 12 years of export experience and has exported to more than 150 countries, we will reply within 24 hours.
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