Reasons to Choose Cornstarch Containers

Author : Kassandra Kania
Update time : 2023-09-08 11:08:03

    Reasons to Choose Cornstarch Containers

        While traditional plastics are made from petroleum, bioplastics are made from renewable biomaterials such as vegetable oils, cornstarch, and straw. Bioplastics have similar properties to traditional plastics, such as durability, heat resistance, etc., making them ideal materials to replace traditional plastics. Cornstarch Food Containers are a specific example of the use of eco-friendly bioplastics.

       Raw Materials and Costs

       The cornstarch food containers are made by fermenting plant sugar and cornstarch, which is non-toxic, harmless, and hygienic. The distinguishing feature of the product is the renewable nature of its raw material, in addition, corn is affordable and readily available, saving costs for manufacturing. Cornstarch Food Containers are 100% biodegradable and produce less greenhouse gases than traditional plastic packaging containers during the production process.

  Features and Advantages

       Cornstarch food containers come in two colors classic white and natural ecru. They generally range in size from 6x6 to 9x9 inches and weigh 22 grams to 52 grams, allowing for flexible serving. They are water and oil-repellent without additional chemical coatings. Cornstarch Food Containers are suitable for a variety of hot and cold foods and can be used in microwave ovens and refrigerators. In order to promote and enhance the brand image, logos or exciting patterns can also be printed on the surface of the container.
Disposable tableware made of cornstarch also includes Cornstarch Knives, Cornstarch Spoons, etc. They are not only lightweight for easy storage and transport, but also 100% biodegradable, ideal for sustainable food packaging.
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