6.6" Custom Disposable Bamboo Fork

Item No.: HDP0662
6.6 Inch Bamboo Fork, Bamboo forks and spoons, Bamboo spoon and fork, Disposable Bamboo Wooden Fork Cutlery Set ,Customized Size & Logo,Contact us to Learn More.
  • Model:HDP0662
  • Size:170*26*2mm / 140*23*1.8mm
  • OEM|ODM:Accepted
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  • Material:100% Bamboo
  • Application:Wedding/Party/Coffee Shop/Holiday
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    Bamboo forks and spoons set, which is made from wood and bamboo, such as forks, knives, and spoons. Disposable options are made from sustainably sourced wood materials. Bamboo cutlery is often favored for its natural and eco-friendly properties, as it is biodegradable and renewable compared to plastic alternatives.

    Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly
    Custom Packaging Bamboo Fork Disposable Party Bamboo Fruit Fork For Restaurant

    Product Description

    .Material & Style: 100% Bamboo
    .Usage: Wedding/Party/Coffee Shop/Holiday
    .Production Capacity: 5000000 Pieces / Day
    .Specification:170*26*2mm  /  140*23*1.8mm

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